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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma UK DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 100 tabs, 25mg/tab

Raw Material : Exemestane


Here is another estrogenic blocker that you would want to take. Aromasin was initially designed for medical purposes. It was proven effective for treating women suffering from breast cancer. It is FDA approved and it belongs to the family of Aromatase Inhibitors and it is a powerful one too.

If the estrogenic side effects of taking different steroids have increased, you might want to include Aromasin by Dragon Pharma in your cycle. It suppresses the estrogen level from the body and minimizes problems such as gyn and water retention. 

The Benefits

As you take Aromasin, it starts by blocking the aromatase enzyme. It prevents the testosterone hormone from aromatesing into the estrogen hormone. It will become a shield to prevent the side effects of steroids such as high blood pressure, water retention and gyn. Other steroids that you are taking will be able to do their work. Hence, your strength, endurance and performance will increase. You will be able to train harder and for longer hours. Building mass muscle will become easier as well. Plus, you will be able to retain these gains. 


You don’t need a high dosage for Aromasin because it is not technically a steroid. The ideal dosage is between 12.5 to 25 mg. choose water suits your goals. If you are unsure, feel free to ask your sports doctor. 

Never increase the dosage for Aromasin or any other compound on your own. This could result in health risks. In case you experience something unusual, stop taking it and see your doctor.