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Manufacturer : Para Pharma Bulk

Product Pack : BOLDO 500 (10-Pack) 10 ml vial 500mg/ml

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There was a time Boldo was introduced as a veterinary medicine for horses. But soon, its ability to build muscles was noticed and people started taking it for building strength and bulking. The unique thing about Boldo has both cutting and bulking qualities.

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So are you wondering how can Boldo benefit you? The list goes on and on my friend. It has a short half-life therefore, you will have to take it frequently. Apart from taking it alone, you can also stack it with other popular steroids like Winstrol and Testo, depending on your goals.

Boldo increases protein synthesis which has a significant role to play in building muscles. It also boosts the red blood cell count, which also contributes to muscle building. Apart from building hard and defined muscles, you will also be boosting your strength and endurance. Muscle recovery time after training hard will improve too. The longer you are able to stand in the gym, the faster you will be able to achieve your goals. 


The most recommended dosage for Boldo is 200 to 400 mg per day. Men can go beyond that if they are experienced users. However, females should not exceed 50 mg per week. 

Watch out for side effects like headache, acne, oily skin, and some others. After your cycle is over, make sure you take PCT.