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Manufacturer : Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Product Pack : 60 tablets, 25mg/tab

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Exedrol is sold under the brand name Exemestane and Aromasin. It is an aromatase inhibitor. In other words, it can disable the aromatase enzyme which makes it effective in reducing estrogen levels. It can be used by both men and women. 


In females, it has been used for treating breast cancer caused by high estrogen levels. Bodybuilders find this compound attractive because of its ability to reduce the estrogenic side effects caused by steroids. You won’t have to worry about problems such as water retention, enlargement of breasts, blood pressure and heart issues. 

When taken for the purpose of curing cancer, the dosage for Exedrol is decided by the physician. However, if you want to use it for bodybuilding goals, then you don’t need a prescription. Teamroids brings you Exedrol by Balkan in original quality.


It’s capable of reducing estrogen levels up to 85 percent. Exedrol stays within the body for 25 to 27 hours. The dosage of this compound depends on your body tolerance and bodybuilding goals. The most appropriate dosage is 12.5 mg every day or 25 mg every other day. 

If you want to take this compound daily, then cut the tablets in half. You can increase the dosage depending on your needs. Exedrol is usually tolerated by most people. However, you might experience some side effects and one of them is joint pain. Some users have complained about this problem even if they stick to a normal dose. Other than this, you don’t have to worry about other side effects.