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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma BULK

Product Pack : 10x 100 tabs (2.5 mg/tab)

Raw Material : Letrozole


Femara is an anti-estrogen compound also known by the name Letrozole. Bodybuilders love it because of its ability to suppress the estrogenic side effects like water retention, gyno, etc. apart from this, when Femara is taken during the steroid cycle, it also supports fat reduction and makes your muscles appear tough. 


Since it is an Aromatase inhibitor, it blocks the Aromatase enzymes. As the level of estrogen is reduced, it increases the testosterone level as well. Once your steroid cycle is over, you can stop taking Letrozole and your body’s hormone production will go back to normal.

Apart from its use in the bodybuilding world, Femara was primarily used for treating breast cancer among women. This compound is employed as an anti-cancer drug in patients for removing ovaries.  


The ideal dosage for Femara is 2.5 mg per day. You can also take it every other day. Don’t increase anything beyond this. You can also use this compound in combination with other drugs to meet your bodybuilding goals. A dosage higher than 5 mg can damage the kidneys. Therefore, follow what dosage recommended by your doctor.

In case you miss the dosage, take it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next one, don’t take an extra dosage to make up for the missed out. 

Some common side effects of Femara include swelling, headache, hot flashes, joint pain, increased sweating, etc. if you encounter these or any other side effects, stop taking Femara, and call your doctor for medical advice.