HCG PREGNYL 5000 iu US DOMESTIC ( EXPIRED 12.12.2019 )

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma US DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 1 x sterile solution amp

Raw Material : 1 x sterile solution amp

HCG Pregnyl 5000 IU is a solvent that is used for injection. Pregnyl originally is a hormone used for causing ovulation. It is effective in treating infertility problems in women. It is also effective for treating sperm count in men. It is also known by the name Chorionic Gonadotropin.


The characteristics of HCG Pregnyl are similar to luteinizing hormone. This is why bodybuilders and athletes find it interesting. This hormone can stimulate Leydig cells in testosterone. In turn, this would increase the production of an androgenic hormone called testosterone. This why it is also injected by athletes and bodybuilders.

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Take between 500 and 1000 IU of HCG Pregnyl in a week. If you want to increase the testosterone production, you can increase the dosage but before that, talk to your doctor and discuss the dosage. Do not exceed the cycle for more than 6 weeks.

This compound must be injected into the muscles. It is recommended to call a nurse if you don’t have experience in injecting.  Watch out for common side effects like aggression, irritability, headaches, and hypersensitivity. If you experience anything unusual, stop taking it and rush to the doctor.