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Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears

Product Pack : 1 x vial (1ml (5000IU ))

Raw Material : Human Chorionic

HUCOG 5000 (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a compound obtained from the placental cells of pregnant women. Initially, it was used for treating infertility among men and women. It is also effective in treating delayed puberty in men.


The general public has been abusing this compound for fat loss for a long time. Its misuse and abuse can result in permanent damage to the leydig cells. In addition to boosting the production of testosterone, it increases the Aromatase activity in the body. Aromatase is responsible for converting androgen into estrogen. As a result, the level of estrogen in your body will rise. Hence, during your HUCOG cycle, it is important to take an Aromatase inhibitor as well. 


The recommended dosage for HUCOG UK Domestic is between 500 to 1000 iu 3 times per week. You can alter this dosage as per your bodybuilding goals. Make sure to keep the cycle limited to 6 weeks only. You can discuss the dosage with your doctor for the best results. Don’t increase the dosage on your own.

It must be injected into the muscles. It is commonly taken after food. There are some drugs that can alter the effects of this compound when taken together. Therefore, it is best that you tell your doctor about the drugs, vitamins, and supplements you are taking to prevent any reaction.

The common side effects of HUCOG 5000 include mood swings, headaches, hypersensitivity, and buzzing in ears. In case the side effects seem to be severe, stop taking this compound and see a doctor.