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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma UK DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 10ml vial, 200mg/ml

Raw Material : Drostanolone Enanthate


Masteron is an oil-based anabolic steroid available in injectable form. It was produced in the 1970s sold under different names such as Metormon and Masteril. The purpose of developing this compound was treating women suffering from breast cancer. These females were in their menopause phase.

The benefits 

Why do bodybuilders use Masto? Because of its muscle-building properties. The best is it does not generate common steroid side effects like gyn, water retention, acne etc. when you will be taking this compound, you will experience a boost in your power. It will help you lift more weights and spend more time in the gym. This will eventually help you in building vascular and strong muscles. 

Do not worry about things such as water retention. Once your cycle is complete, if you continue training the way you did and eat a healthy diet, you should be able to retain those muscles without putting extra effort. While you are on your Masto cycle, watch out for side effects like hair loss, liver intoxication, and irritability. Make sure you don’t exceed the recommended in the hope to see faster results. This will result in health damage rather than any good.


The normal dosage for Masto is 500 mg per week. This works for most users. If you are a newbie, it is recommended to start with 20 mg and then increase it gradually. 

It would be perfect to continue a cycle of 2 to 12 weeks. This should be enough to help you reach the desired results.