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Manufacturer : Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Product Pack : 5x1ml amps, 200 mg/ml

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Nandrolona D is sold under the brand name Deca Durabolin. It is also known as Deca. It is one of the go-to steroids of bodybuilders, athletes and fitness competitors. It is based on a hormone that is naturally produced by the human body. Before entering the world of bodybuilding, it was used effectively for treating severe cases of Anemia.


Deca helps in muscle growth significantly because of nitrogen retention. It comes a long way in assisting muscle tissue growth. It can do what other compounds cannot. You don’t have to consume it more than often either. It can stay within your system for a long time. It is fantastic for muscle growth and repair. 

Some people have also raved its ability of burning fat, increasing muscle growth, boosting energy and increase the recovery rate. If you have been in search of a steroid that helps you train more without suffering from fatigue then this is it. The harder you train, the more muscle mass you will build.


Much of the success of the compound depends on the dosage. Keep in mind taking more dosage will not amp up the benefits. Since Deca can stay in the body for longer hours, start with a lower dosage. Even if you are taking 400 mg per week, that is fine.

You may vary the dosage depending on the results you are looking forward to achieve. Within a few weeks of taking this compound, you will start seeing the results. That’s why it’s one of the favorite compounds of bodybuilders.