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Manufacturer : Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Product Pack : 5x1ml amps, 100 mg/ml

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Parabolan by Balkan also known by the name Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate is an anabolic steroid of 100 rating. You must have heard bodybuilders in the gym talking about it.

Parabolan is even better than Dianabol and Deca. The best thing about it are gains with zero water retention. If you are taking steroids, you would be tempted to add this compound to your mix.


Parabolan was discovered in 1969 but it wasn’t approved for human use. It was tested on cattle for bulking and the results were great. Although it’s not approved for human use, you can buy it online from Teamroids. 

It boosts nitrogen retention and then improves protein synthesis. Get ready to see your muscle tissues grow. 

It improves nutrient efficiency. In other words, the absorption of nutrients from the food you consume is enhanced. You are able to gain more muscles and recover well.

The results don’t only mean more muscles, but fat loss. Since this compound does not cause water retention, you won’t lose anything once your body is off Parabolan.

It will also cause the veins in your muscles to pop out. Your vascularity will improve. This is great news for people who want to veins to appear.


You can take between 50 to 100 mg of Parabolan depending on the tolerance of the drug. Advanced users can take up to 700 mg per week. Exceeding the dosage for this compound can make you encounter side effects such as gyno, hair loss, and liver intoxication. It can also affect your mental health.