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Manufacturer : Para Pharma Bulk

Product Pack : Superdrol 10 (10-pack), 10x100 tabs, 10mg/tab

Raw Material : Methyldrostanolone


Superdrol is also known as Methasterone and Methyldrostanolone. It is famous throughout the world as a designer steroid. It is an active anabolic androgenic steroid. It is taken orally. This steroid has countless benefits and a few risks which can be avoided. 

People argue that is the most effective and potent anabolic steroid ever created. It is great for building muscles. That’s why it is ideally used in bulking. Some bodybuilders also use it during their cutting cycle. It offers hard muscle gains without causing water retention and bloating. 

Methyldrostanolone was created back in the 50s and used for destroying tumors. It didn’t get much success. However, doctors found that it is every effective in increasing lean muscle mass and boosting strength. 


If you are looking forward to increase muscle mass, Superdrol will not disappoint you. It promotes positive nitrogen balance within the cells in the muscles. Higher nitrogen balance means increased protein synthesis. 

Once you are done with the workout, your muscle tissues start damaging and breaking down. With protein synthesis, they will repair and rebuild themselves. Therefore, expect them to be bigger and stronger than before. 

Superdrol will give you hard dry gains. It does not result in water retention therefore, you will look good in those ripped muscles. 

It will increase your energy and endurance. Therefore, get ready to experience a boost in your athletic performance. 


For beginner, the ideal dosage of Superdrol is 20 mg per day. Keep the cycle between 1 to 6 weeks. Advanced users can increase the dosage up to 40 mg.