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Manufacturer : Para Pharma Bulk

Product Pack : Turinabol 20 (10-pack), 10x100 tabs, 20mg/tab

Raw Material : Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone


Turinabol 20 is an anabolic steroid that is referred to as a mild but potent version of Dianabol. It is one of the commonly used steroids for bodybuilding purposes. The active component present in this steroid is Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. It is manufactured by Para Pharma International in high-tech laboratories. If you are new to the bodybuilding and gym world, you cannot find something better than Turinabol to start your first steroid cycle. The cross between Methandrostenolone and Clostebol makes it a milder version that is tolerable by beginners as well. 

However, being milder doesn’t mean that it is not potent. It has the ability to induce stronger and bigger muscle development just after one cycle. It is available at Teamroids at a very discounted price. You can get 10 packs of it each containing 100 tablets for just $600. The amount of active components in each tablet is 20mg. 


Following are the benefits of using this steroid. Knowing these benefits, you will not hesitate for a moment to grab this exciting offer. 

It will cause nitrogen retention in your body. Retained nitrogen in muscles will help in the formation of new proteins at a quick speed. These proteins will work for the overall efficiency of your body and muscles.

The high amount of nitrogen and resulting proteins will help your muscles to grow bigger and stronger. Proteins being the major constituent of muscle fibers will add lean muscle mass. The muscles added by this steroid will be pure lean mass without any fat.

It also helps your muscles to grow stronger and increase the movement of your joints. A high concentration of RBCs is produced by the use of this steroid. These blood cells transport essential nutrients and oxygen to muscles in excess.


The average length of the cycle for Turinabol is 6 to 8 weeks. Males have to take 20 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening per day. It means 2 tablets daily will do the job for beginners. You can increase the amount for the next cycle. For females, 20mg per day is the maximum dosage.