Valkyrie Susta 300

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Manufacturer : Valkyrie Pharmaceutical

Product Pack : 1 vial (10 ml/vial)

Raw Material : Testosterone Decanoate 100mg, Testosterone Propionate 80mg, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg, Testosterone Isocaproate 60mg


Sustanon is the basic component that is used in the manufacturing of this steroid. Its manufacturer is Valkyrie Pharma which is a well-known steroid producing and manufacturing company. This steroid is a special one as it contains four different derivatives of the male sexual hormone, testosterone. This composition requires high-quality lab tests and checking. You cannot do so by yourself, so you must want to select those manufacturers who have completely tested products. Valkyrie Pharma has manufactured and released it in the market after complete testing. 

You can buy it from TeamRoids as it is available there in 10 ml vials. The cost of Each vial is 64 dollars. TeamRoids also has contracts with high-standard labs to test each and every product before selling it. So you buy a well-tested product from there. 


Composing four different steroids means that it will definitely have some outstanding benefits for the users. These benefits are given below.

  • This product is very versatile due to its mixed composition. No matter if you are a newbie or an experienced user, it will give the best results to you. 

  • At the start, it quickly released a high amount of hormones followed by a slow and steady release. Now it can live for a longer duration in your body. 

  • Its main benefits can be experienced by expert users as they have a higher tolerance capacity than newbies. Due to the different half-lives of each component, it releases a different amount of steroids at different times. Experienced users can tolerate and utilize both the quick and slow reactions of this steroid.

  • No matter when and for what purpose you are using it, it has the ability to give you noticeable strength every time. 

  • It is suitable to use with every other steroid, as different derivatives can assist each steroid to perform well.


Due to its immense power, only a small amount of it must be injected. Its cycle should never exceed 7 weeks. Inject less than one 10ml vial per week as it contains 300 mg of Sustanon which is too much for beginners.