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WINSTROL 50 Para Pharma

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma

Product Pack : Winstrol 50, 100 tabs, 50mg/tab

Raw Material : Stanozolol


Winstrol is an anabolic steroid and it is a synthetic derivate of testosterone. It is also known by the name Stanozolol. Each tablet contains 2 mg of Stanozolol. Initially, it was developed for treating hereditary angioedema. It had the ability to decrease the severity as well as the frequency of these attacks. This drug is no longer available for medical use.


It got famous in the bodybuilding world because of its ability to reduce body fat and improving the muscles you have built by hard training. Winstrol is no longer available for therapeutic purposes. However, you can buy it online without a prescription from Teamroids and get it delivered to your doorsteps.  

It does not cause water retention or convert into estrogen. The only thing you will see is your muscles getting stronger. They won’t become bigger in size, remember that. Your muscles will tone up and you will achieve a lean figure that everyone will admire. To amplify the results, you can always stack Winstrol up.


Winstrol tablets are available in pink color. The tablets are round and scored on one side. The dosage for this steroid can be between 50 to 100 mg. Don’t increase the dosage to see better results because this will only cause you trouble.

The common side effects of this steroid include nausea, changes in skin color, headache, ankle swelling, acne, insomnia, etc. If you happen to experience these or any unusual side effects upon taking this steroid, it’s recommended to stop taking it and see your doctor.