Your Only Guide to Post Cycle Therapy

2020-08-23 16:31:04

In the bodybuilding industry and other professional sports, the athletes and fitness enthusiasts are encouraged to take steroids to cut fat or bulk up. These are known as cutting cycle and bulking cycle or steroid cycles. Steroids increases the estrogenic levels in the body and suppresses the natural production of testosterone which aggravates the body’s response to build muscles and exhume more physical strength for better performance. The standard steroid cycle goes for 10 to 12 weeks, and honestly, it mostly depends on the user and their specific results in order to determine the time span of their cycle. A lot of homework and research is required on the user’s part before starting their cycle because when once you start, at the end you need Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

Why do you need PCT?

Post cycle therapy will protect your gains from the steroid cycle by decreasing any estrogenic activity in the body and push-start the natural production of testosterone in the body. At the end of the steroid cycle, the athlete’s body is completely drained of the natural testosterone and the estrogen levels are high. So, the risk and chances of developing side effects shoots up immediately and you can easily lose all the progress that you made during the cycle. PCT is helping you through your recovery process as it will support your gains while also restoring the natural levels of hormone in the body. Otherwise, if they are left to be restored naturally, by the time your body starts producing them, the side effects will start appearing. For instance, if your steroid cycle lasted up to 12 weeks then your body will not produce testosterone for the next 3 months. So, putting your body under such a risk, it is better to plan your steroid cycle and PCT altogether as one so that it does not become a separate task.

Also relying on the understanding that you can order your PCT drugs near to the end of your steroid cycle, is quite a risk because if by any chance the PCT drugs are out of stock, you will have bigger problems to worry about. That is why, order your PCT drugs when you buy your steroids so that you are prepared for the unknown.

Another important factor that concerns the PCT drugs is that, anabolic steroids require a strong PCT drug and not a mild one because anabolic steroid cycles severely suppress the testosterone and a mild PCT will not be effective. Make sure that you research and consult an expert regarding the type of your steroid and the most suitable PCT drug. Nowadays, the bodybuilders and professional athletes would prefer quick results in less time so that they have time to recover before any competition. As the competitions require drug testing, they need the time to clean their system. Therefore, PCT drugs are going to speed up the recovery process and remove the risk of any side effects. So

What happens if you skip PCT?

Back in the times, when there were no PCT drugs, the bodybuilder had to work around a lot of risk which is why many fatal incidents have taken place during that timeframe. The athletes would start their steroid cycle and tamper off the drug gradually hoping that the recovery process starts on its own. Many were successful but only because there was a lot of precision involved regarding each and every aspect of the bodybuilder’s routine. There was a huge risk involved, the athletes’ bargain was their entire future, so, they had to tip toe around their steroid cycle. Now, we have Post Cycle Therapy drugs that are going to solve all the problems of the past. Without PCT, the anabolic steroids will eventually start exhibiting the side effects which will be impossible to reverse. So, if you decide to skip your PCT for God knows what dumb reason, then the following side effects will flush your progress down the drain:

  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)

  • Becoming Overly Emotional

  • Obesity

  • Muscle Loss and Water Retention

  • Lethargic

  • Muscle loss

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Decreased Libido.

These are just the common side effects because many individuals had to suffer different and multiple side effects depending upon their other health factors. So, skipping PCT is inexcusable because when you can invest in your steroids, then adding more money to buy the PCT should not be a problem otherwise the money you use to buy steroids will go to absolute waste.

Your available options for PCT.

There are multiple pharmacies, such as Dragon Pharma, Para Pharma and other small one that are selling PCT drugs. Teamroids is one of the promising suppliers of these pharma companies. The licensed health care providers can only prescribe the mild PCTs but for a professional athlete or a bodybuilder who has been on anabolic steroid cycle, will need stronger doses of PCT. You can easily find these PCT drugs available and ready to be delivered at your doorstep.

  1. Tamoxifen/Nolvadex

  2. Clomid

  3. HCG

PCT is as important as the Cycle itself.

It is not till today, when the bodybuilders started pushing themselves to take PCT drugs. With the help of the PCT many athletes have been able to save themselves from the high-risk bargain that hovered over their heads. Now it is essential for the new bodybuilders in the industry to promote PCT as a part of the steroid cycle. If an athlete can afford to buy steroids then he/she should be able to purchase PCT drugs before starting their cycle. Always keep your PCT drugs with you once you have got your steroids.

PCT is going to solidify your gains and protect your short-and-long term health problems. That way you can gradually increase your steroid dosage during your cycles until you have reached the desired results. The best way to work your way around PCT drugs is to take it for 3 to 8 weeks, and take notice of every little change. As mentioned earlier, PCT is equally essential as the steroid cycle, so, customize your preparation schedules in regards to completing your cycle and PCT regime in time for the drug tests to come clear while preparing for a competition. 

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