Frequently Asked Questions

TeamRoids is a international company, with shipments going worldwide. We are glad to have you! We offer you top notch products, prices and service! TeamRoids - the best team ever!
We provide tracking numbers soon as possible, after shipping out your precious order. We send the orders after money has been collected.
T/A International/Europe is 3-31 days from shipping date - and packages ship soon as possible, after collecting your payment. T/A UK Domestic is 1-3 days from shipping date - and packages ship soon as possible, after collecting your payment.
We do offer reships to everyone who do not have their orders within 31 days normally but up to 65 days during the current outbreak (COVID-19) - as sometimes delays can happen and orders arrive within that time frame. If not, we will reship your order. However if you do have a seizure letter, we will ship it soon as you provide a picture of it. We will not reship if the customer has made any errors in the address information. If both packages arrive, we expect the customer to pay for the extra order sent and received. Also we do not reship to following countries: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Bahrain and Estonia..
We ship to the address you provide us in your account info. If you do wish for us to ship to any other address, a PO BOX or anything else, please instruct us to do so, through the website's ticket service. Upon delivery, signatures may be required.
Due to the new law, for e-commerce goods imported to EU countries, EU-residents will have to pay Value-Added Taxes for your orders, as these will be shipped from outside the EU. This starts the 1st of July 2021.
We do not have any minimum at all, so go ahead and order :)
We accept Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram. You can also pay WU with your credit/debit card or bank account. For more infomation visit :

We offer 10% discount on products if you pay with cryptocurrency. This discount is not valid for US domestic products.