1-TEST Cypionate 100 Dragon Pharma

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)

Raw Material : Dihydroboldenone cypionate


Whenever you discuss some most effective steroids for bodybuilding, 1-TEST Cypionate 100 Dragon Pharma will make this list on some top spots. The active component present in 1-TEST Cypionate 100 Dragon Pharma is Dihydroboldenone. This steroid is manufactured by one of the leading steroid manufacturing industries, Dragon Pharma. This steroid is a blessing for those who are looking to add some pure muscle mass without any fat content.


1-TEST Cypionate 100 is a synthetic androgenic and anabolic steroid. It resembles Primobolan in structure. The only difference is a methyl radical at position-1, which is absent in TEST Cyp 100. The most convenient way to get this steroid is to order it from Teamroids. Teamroids ensure the delivery of the best version of steroids to every corner of the world. The price for each 10 ml vial of this steroid is $62. The amount of active component is 100mg per ml in this vial. 


Here are the key benefits of Test Cyp steroid that will persuade you to have at least one cycle of it. 

Retention of water is expected when you use some anabolic steroids. It makes your muscles look big. But using TEST Cyp 100 will reduce this water retention. It will make your muscles more prominent and rigid. It is the best way to prepare for competitions and put your muscles on display. 

It can be stalked with different cutting and bulking steroids. The reason behind this is its ability to add muscles to your body and burn fat simultaneously. So it will preserve your muscles during the cutting phase and prevent fat accumulation during the bulking cycle. 

It shows no aromatization, and no estrogen will be formed from this steroid. It means it has almost no side effects. 


The average cycle duration is 8 weeks. 300 to 400 mg intake of the active component will be enough for a week at the start. Later you can increase it a little. It can be stalked with other steroids as well. For women, its dosage should be very low. 25 to 100 mg per week is enough for them.