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Manufacturer : Para Pharma US DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 100 tabs, 10mg/tab

Raw Material : Oxandrolone


Anavar is one of the performance enchanting drugs that stands out from other compounds. Some people refer to it as Var or Oxandrolone. It is widely taken by gym rats, bodybuilders and those who are worried about their physique. Originally, it used was medical purposes. It had proven to be effective in improving bone pain for people suffering from osteoporosis. Since it helps build muscles, patients suffering from HIV.


There are mixed opinions on taking Anavar only cycle. Some people say that taking this compound does not yield any gains. Since it is mild, it does not require any injects. You will need a proper diet and training to actually see gains in lean muscle mass.

When you are on Anavar only cycle, it suppresses yourtestosterone. Therefore, you might experience leathery and some other symptoms. It’s best to combine it with other drugs for better results.


The half-life of Anavar is 8 hours. This means you might have to take this compound twice a day, depending on your bodybuilding goals.

Since Anavar in oral form is mild, it is best to take at least 40 mg per day. If you are an experienced user, you can keep your dosage between 60 and 80 mg per day.

You will not experience any water retention when you are taking Anavar. Even if you stop the cycle, it will not reverse the muscle gain you have experienced. You must watch out for certain side effects of Anavar such as hair loss, reduction in sex drive, oily skin and it severe cases liver toxicity.