Anavar 50 Dragon Pharma UK DOMESTIC

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Quick Overview

Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 100 tabs, 50mg/tab

Raw Material : Oxandrolone

When you are taking a steroid, it’s important to be aware of its history first. Anavar was created for medical use in the 60s for treating patients who had lost a lot of muscle because of their medical condition. HIV patients and anemic patients were deeply helped by this compound.

Anavar is also sold under the brand name Oxandrolone. Teamroids is selling it in original quality and the best price to help you meet your bodybuilding goals.

The benefits 

In the bodybuilding muscles, because of its ability to building muscles, it has gained a lot of popularity. It is one of those steroids that’s a part of every famous bodybuilder and athlete’s cycle. It has the ability to improve your strength and endurance, and it speeds up the protein synthesis process. It promotes muscle relief and helps burn fat as well. Yes, that means you can use it in both cutting and bulking phase. 

Dosage for Anavar 

If you are a rookie, it is recommended to either start with 10 or 20 mg per day. Once your body becomes accustomed to the compound, increase the dosage but gradually. The maximum dosage for males is 100 mg per day. On the other hand, the maximum dosage for females is 40 mg per day. 

You can also combine this steroid with other compounds like Tamoxifen, Sustanon or Nolvadex. The results will simply surprise you.

You might experience some side effects in the form of anxiety, tiredness, and irritability once you are on Anavar. In case you experience something unusual, see a doctor.