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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 100 tabs (1mg/tab)

Raw Material : Anastrozole

Arimidex is one of the most commonly used steroids among bodybuilders and athletes. The active component present in this supplement is Stanozolol, which helps fitness enthusiast achieve their dreams while minimizing the side effects. The world’s best pharma companies manufacture this steroid, including Para Pharma and Dragon Pharma.

It’s available orally at Teamroids, a reputable online store where you can buy authentic supplements. The price for this steroid is pretty affordable. You can get a pack of 100 tablets containing 10mg of the active component for $80 only. Furthermore, you can get some amazing discounts as well.


The primary reason why this steroid is famous across the globe is the fantastic benefits it offers. The following are the key benefits associated with it.

  • Firstly, it helps prevent gynecomastia, a common problem in many bodybuilders and fitness trainers. It’s the growth of breasts in males due to hormone imbalance. Arimidex maintains hormones to prevent this issue.

  • Maintaining hormone levels is capable of reversing the side effects as well. Therefore, it’s used in post-cycle therapy as well.

  • The primary mechanism by which it can maintain hormones is by raising testosterone levels. This high testosterone level in your body will ultimately help you achieve the desired body shape.

  • When you take different anabolic steroids, estrogen levels increase in your body. Alongside other problems, its high concentration leads to muscle water retention. This retained water hinders the display of muscles. Arimidex releases this water by maintaining estrogen levels.


The critical thing you must focus on when using Arimidex is its dosage. Make sure you never abuse it to mitigate the risk of side effects. The cycle duration isn’t fixed, as you can take it till the side effects are reversed. The per-day dosage depends upon the cycle that was previously completed.

For example, if you opt for PCT after a cycle of Test 250, you have to take 1mg of Arimidex per day for the first week, increasing it to 2mg per day for the second week. Reduce the dosage when you start observing results.