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Manufacturer : Para Pharma US DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 50 tabs, 25mg/tab

Raw Material : Exemestane


Aromasin, also known by the name, Exemestane was initially developed for the breast cancer patients. It was used for reducing the level of estrogen in the body of females. This proved to be effective in slowing down the growth of breast tumors which relied on estrogen for developing. These breast cancer patients are those who have postmenopausal period.  It is prescribed to women who have undergone radiation/surgery and it was unsuccessful.


Since Aromasin is effective in reducing estrogen, it make the center of attention of bodybuilders. For bodybuilders, estrogen is a highly unwanted by product of using steroids. Most males have to bear with the negative consequences of taking steroid in form of water retention and enlargement of breasts. It is also very effective in boosting the testosterone level.

These negative consequences can be successfully reduced by taking Aromasin. It is an Aromatase Inhibitor that stops the aromatase enzymes from creating estrogen. It is capable of disabling the enzymes permanently by destroying it. 


The exact dosage of Aromasin depends on the purpose for which you are taking it. Usually, it’s recommended to take 25 mg per day. 

Some of the side effects of taking this steroid include swelling on face, tips and throat. You might also experience difficulty breathing. If that’s the case, then rush to the doctor immediately. 

Aromasin if taken in original quality is highly effective for both cancer patients and bodybuilders. We sell Aromasin by Para Pharma in original quality. You will start seeing the results within 2 weeks of taking this steroid.