Dragontropin HGH 100 IU

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Quick Overview

Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 10 x 10 vials / 100 iu

Raw Material : Human Growth Hormone

Dragontropin, manufactured by the Dragon Pharma, is a human growth hormone (HGH). Doctors used to prescribe HGHs to children and adults who suffered from lack of natural growth hormone while also using it to treat short bowl syndrome in adults. It is given to Aids and HIV patients to help them maintain their muscles. Today, HGHs are popular amongst bodybuilders for muscle and bone growth. It boosts protein production in the body by utilizing the fat and increasing the insulin levels. It can be injected directly into the muscle or under the skin. We offer 10 x 10 vials/100iu to be discreetly delivered at your doorstep. 


Dragontropin provides following benefits on top of muscle and bone growth, such as:

  • Repairs Muscle tissues after exercise.

  • Retains Healthy Tissues in the organs

  • Builds muscle mass.

  • Increased Protein Synthesis

  • Boosts Metabolism.

  • Burns Fat

  • Healthy Skin.


For bodybuilders, it is recommended to take 1iu – 6iu per day for 6 – 24 weeks only. Dragontropin is not for cancer patients and it will increase insulin levels thus, for diabetic patients, it is essential to check with their doctors before self-prescribing a certain dosage for themselves. Do not take HGHs if you are on birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy and certainly not if you are overweight. It is always essential to consult a doctor before injecting HGHs into your body.