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Manufacturer : Para Pharma US DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 10 vials x 10iu

Raw Material : Human Growth Hormone, somatotropin


Paratropin is a human growth hormone. The naturally occurring HGH is made in the pituitary glands. The hormone is responsible for body growth, bones, and organs. It also helps with the metabolic process of the body.


Paratropin is a synthetic hormone. It’s also known by the name Somatropin. When this hormone is released, it tells the liver to release another hormone called IGF-1.  This hormone together with Paratropin tells the bones, muscles, and tissues to grow by adding more cells. 

Paratropin is used for not just making the bones grow, but for muscle building. Many bodybuilders inject it in their muscles or into the stomach regularly. This hormone has a proven record of increasing muscle mass. It was previously tested in patients suffering from HIV aids and experienced massive muscle loss.  


The dosage for Paratropin depends on your body weight, height, age and muscle building goals. Paratropin has the tendency to mix with other medications. Therefore, tell your doctor what medication you are taking even if it’s just dietary supplements. 

This compound is supposed to be injected in muscles or into the stomach. If you don’t have experience of injecting, don’t do it yourself. Be careful not to inject in the same spot twice. 

The most common side effects of this compound are headache, fatigue, and nausea. They should go away once your body gets used to it. It is recommended to stick to the dosage prescribed by your sports doctor because it takes almost 2 weeks to kick in. do not exceed the cycle for more than 4 weeks.

Customer Reviews

Great Product

Ran this at 4iu's daily after workouts for 12 weeks. With diet and training lower my BF by 8 percent. Helped me sleep and recover unbelievably well. Wasn't looking to gain overall size but it helped me maintain my size while I lowered my food intake.

D******* H*****

2021-11-29 02:56:36

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