Primobolan 100 Dragon Pharma

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 10 mL vial (100 mg/mL)

Raw Material : Methenolone Enanthate


Primobolan 100 is a derivate of dihydrotestosterone. Without any doubt, it is one of the most popular anabolic steroids to consume. You can buy Primobolan 100 Dragon Pharma online without a prescription.

 It is a soft anabolic steroid which is why it is considered safe to use. It’s not quick in bringingimprovements in weight and strength, however, it is effective. It is a highly recommended anabolic steroid for beginners. This anabolic steroid can be used for 14 days. 

Primobolan is known for no estrogenic side effects. It is used as a replacement for boldenone and nandrolone. Bodybuilders buy Primobolan 100 Dragon Pharma to use it during the off-time to maintain muscle mass and strength.

It is safe to combine Primobolan with another anabolic.  It produces good results both when used sold and combined with other drugs. The best yield of usage is between 10 to 12 weeks. It is taken by bodybuilders, athletes and beginners. It is also safe to administer for women. The results of Primobolan are proven.


·         You will see quality muscle mass without no risk of side effects

·         Its half-life is 5 days

·         Since Primobolan is a 1- methylated, it does not put stress on the liver


It is an enanthate ester. This makes it a long-acting steroid that should be injected in the body once a week. A dosage of 100 to 300 mg per week is recommended for men. The dosage must be reduced to half when consumed by women.

Buy Primobolan 100 Dragon Pharma online to meet your fitness goals with minimal side effects.