Proviron Dragon Pharma

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 100 tabs (25 mg/tab)

Raw Material : Mesterolone


Proviron by Dragon Pharma is one of the widely used steroids. It is also available by the name Mesterolone. If you had always wanted a lean physique without losing muscles, this is for you. It’s one of the highly popular steroids one can take because it doesn’t have anabolic side effects. Teamroids bring you Proviron by Dragon Pharma in original quality.


A great quality of Proviron is that it helps build lean muscles.

It helps you get rid of the extra body fats without making you lose your muscles.

As the testosterone level in your body rise, you can expect more strength and energy. 

Proviron is available in oral form. You don’t have to inject and it is safe to consume. Make sure you set the right expectations because Proviron is not that great at bulking. You won’t be gaining a significant amount of muscle mass. However, there will be some improvement. That’s why it is recommended in the cutting phase only. 


Both males and females can take Proviron because of the way it works. For females, the ideal dosage per day is 20 mg per day. Males can increase the dosage up to 40 mg per day. 

Do not exceed the dosage by thinking the results will kick in faster. This might result in liver intoxication. Talk to your sports doctor for designing a dosage according to your bodybuilding goals and stick to it. After your cycle is over, you will have to take PCT. This will help restore the natural hormone level in your body.