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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 10 packs (1000 tabs (10 mg))

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Salbutamol 10 Dragon Pharma Bulk is one of the most supportive steroids In the field of bodybuilding. Its use by bodybuilders to relax their airways and body cavities is one of the main reasons behind its popularity. It is commonly sold under the brand names Ventolin and Albuterol. It is manufactured by one of the advanced pharmaceutical companies in the world, Dragon Pharma. 

It belongs to the same class of steroids that were initially manufactured to treat medical disorders but then turned into potent steroids that are used by bodybuilders and athletes all across the globe. It will be difficult for you to get this steroid and its use by fitness trainers and athletes is inhibited in almost all regions. But don’t worry, you can easily get it by ordering from Teamroids, a famous and trusted online store to buy steroids. Here it is available in the oral form. 


Following are some of the key benefits of taking this steroid.

Its ability to cure asthma is one of the biggest benefits of this steroid. It not only makes its use in the medical field but also in the bodybuilding field. Patients with asthma can carry on their fitness training when using this steroid without getting into some trouble. 

It is widely used by bodybuilders for supportive purposes during workouts. During intense workouts, it becomes difficult for bodybuilders to breathe as their lungs and airways become contracted. It will result in incomplete workouts. Using Salbutamol will relax the airways and lung tissues. It also relaxes the other cavities in the body. This will prevent difficulty in breathing even during high-intensity workouts and help in increasing your performance.

It also speeds up the metabolic processes in the body. It does so by raising your body temperature and stimulating your brain. This makes it useful for cutting purposes as well. 


The half-life of this steroid is 4 hours. So you have to take it 3 to 4 times per day. Never exceed the amount of 2 mg per time as a beginner. Experienced can take up to 8 mg of it 3 to 4 times a day.