Sustanon 350 Dragon Pharma ( blend 350 )

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 10 mL vial (350 mg/mL)

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What is Sustanon 350?

Sustanon 350 is a potent mix of 4 different steroids that can provide synergistic increases in strength and mass. With no hepatotoxicity and a half-life of 7-8 days, it is perfect for bodybuilders looking to get big.

Benefits of Sustanon 350

The 4 blends are:

Testosterone Phenylpropionate 84mg/ml

Testosterone Isocaproate 84mg/ml

Testosterone Decanoate 140mg/ml

Testosterone Propionate 42mg/ml

Each of the testosterone esters work together to create help:

1. Increase strength and mass

Perfect for bodybuilders looking to add bulk and increase their strength to lift heavier.

2. Increased endurance

Sustanon 350 increases endurance to help lift longer

3. Increase blood circulation

An increase in blood circulation throughout the body means more nutrients are delivered to muscles.

The average single dose of Sustanon 350 is 350mg-700 mg per week. This is due to the half life 7-8 days of the steroid. Doses above 800mg - 1000 mg are not recommended since it can increase side effects without better results.

Post Cycle Therapy for Sustanon 350

Since it is already stacked with 4 different types of anabolic steroids it isn’t usually stacked with other steroids.

However, advanced users may wish to stack with other steroids such as Trenbolone 200 or Stanozolol.

It is recommended to use aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex preventing estrogen surges in the body.

If you are looking for a well-balanced testosterone boosting steroid, Sustanon 350 offers that in one convenient and potent shot.

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