T3 By Para Pharma US DOMESTIC

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma US DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 25mcg/tab 100 tabs

Raw Material : Liothyronine


T3 is a thyroid hormone, which is sold by the name Cytomel. It is highly effective in fat burning by naturally enforcing your body to do so and regulate the metabolism level. If you are up for shredding weight and you are looking for some boost, T3 can help you out. Many bodybuilders are using this steroid to their advantage.


You have to be careful about the quality. Since it is inexpensive, the T3 sold online varies in quality. But you don’t have to take that worry since Teamroids brings you quality T3. Add it to your cutting cycle to start enjoying the benefits. You must keep this in mind that you will have to stack it up with some other steroids for optimal results. 

It’s going to be a highly effective addition to your steroid cycle. Even though it does not jack you up with testosterone, it is still recommended to go on PCT after your cycle is cover. 


When you are taking T3, there is no need to take a significant quantity because even if you are taking as little as 25 mcg, it will be enough to boost your metabolism rate. The average dosage for this steroid is 25 to 75 mcg. You must not go beyond 50 mcg this means you will have to deal with side effects like fatigue, muscle loss, or anxiety. 

In case you experience unusual side effects, stop taking the steroid immediately and see a doctor. Don’t try your own dosage, this can be harmful.