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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 100 tabs (25 mcg/tab)

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T3 is one of the most effective steroids for getting rid of extra fat present in your body. Dragon Pharma, a well-reputed international company, manufactures this supplement. Fitness enthusiasts rely on this steroid to achieve the desired body shape and physique. Various sports persons also use it to enhance their on-field performance. It also has expanded medical applications as it's used to treat hypogonadism, etc.

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T3 is gaining popularity in the bodybuilding world mainly because of its excellent benefits. The following are some top-listed benefits you will get after completing its first cycle.

  • It's super effective to burn fat at a rapid pace. Many bodybuilders and athletes use it to get shredded within a few days. It increases metabolic activity to stimulate fat loss. Using it appropriately can help you get rid of the most challenging fat layers in a few weeks.

  • Another significant benefit of this steroid is its half-life. The half-life of T3 is around two days. It means it remains active in your body for a considerable time and keeps on working throughout this duration.

  • Despite being a cutting supplement, it adds a few layers of lean muscles as well. It prevents muscle loss during the cutting phase. Apart from that, it helps you get a perfect body shape as well.


It's a highly potent steroid and can lead to serious health issues if not taken correctly. You need to split its cycle into two phases. Take this steroid for three weeks and then take a break of 3 weeks followed by another cycle of the same duration. The main thing is the per-day dosage that you should never exceed. Taking 25 to 75 micrograms per day will be enough to get visible results. Avoid abusing it to get maximum benefits without any side effects.