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Manufacturer : Para Pharma

Product Pack : 100 tabs, 25mcg/tab

Raw Material : Liothyronine


T3 also known as Cytomel is an active thyroid hormone that is used for fat burning. It is a compound that can naturally increase the fat-burning abilities of your body. It regulates the metabolism level of your body.  If you are looking forward to burning a few extra calories, this steroid will be of great help.


Since T3 is an inexpensive compound, its quality varies widely. However, when you are buying T3 Para Pharma online from Teamroids, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We sell it in original quality and the results will be proof of that.

You can take it during your cutting cycle but you might have to stack it up with some other compounds to be sure you don’t experience too much muscle loss.


The dosage of T3 is based on a number of factors. It can boost your metabolism rate even if you are taking as little as 25 mcg. 

The standard dosage for this compound is between 25 to 75 mcg. It is recommended that you don’t go above 50 mcg because this compound tends to get catabolic at a higher dosage.

While you are administering this compound, watch out for the side effects. If you increase the dosage to as high as 100 mcg, you might have to encounter side effects like anxiety, muscle loss or fatigue. 

The general side effects include increased body temperature, muscle flatness, and increased hunger. If you experience something unusual, it’s recommended to stop taking the dosage and see a doctor immediately.