Toremfine Dragon Pharma

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 20mg, 100 tabs

Raw Material : Toremifene Citrate


Toremfine Dragon Pharma is one of the latest anti-estrogen steroids. It is manufactured in high-tech labs under the supervision of Dragon Pharma, a famous steroid manufacturing company. It is usually considered a nonsteroidal drug that is mainly used for curing a number of diseases in women that are caused by a high level of estrogen. Its use is very restricted in the field of bodybuilding. But it still is considered a good steroid for PCT and for building some muscles. 

It is difficult to get this steroid from local drug stores without a doctor's prescription. Therefore you need to buy it online from a reputable store. Teamroids must be your ultimate pick to order this steroid. Teamroids is a legit store dealing with original steroids and at the best prices as well. Toremfine Dragon Pharma is available here in oral form. The price for a 100 tablet pack, each tab containing 20mg of the active component is about $90. 


It is widely used all over the world for the treatment of breast cancers. Its use to cure early menopause in females is also very common. 

It is one of the safe replacements for many other steroids. It won’t have any major side effects even when you abuse it. But it never means that you start taking its uncontrolled doses.

It is a major steroid for post-cycle therapy. Its ability to repress the estrogen levels in the body will help to reverse side effects that are associated with high estrogen levels. 

When it reduces the estrogen levels in your body, testosterone levels start rising as a feedback mechanism. This high testosterone level helps you to perform workouts more efficiently and gain some extra amount of lean muscles. 


The dosage for the treatment of diseases is suggested by your doctors. However, for bodybuilding and PCT purposes, its per day dose must be 20mg. Take a tablet for 3 days and then a gap of one day and again repeat the same process. You can take this steroid for up to 3 months. You can slightly increase the dosage for PCT.