10 Tips for Women to Get You Moving Regularly

2021-03-30 22:49:27

Has the treadmill in your bedroom become a coat rack rather than a piece of equipment, it is a sign you need the motivation to work out. Women especially struggle to commit to workout out and keep up with an exercise program.

They are either taking care of children, a parent with declining cognitive abilities, and grandchildren. Others may be at the peak of their career and taking more work responsibility which has kept them busy at work.

Even though we all know intellectually that exercising should be a priority, it often winds up at the bottom of our to-do list. Also, women, in general, feel it’s selfish to take time for themselves. But self-care is not selfish. It keeps you in top mental and physical shape to take care of yourself, others.

Need help in getting motivated? These are some tips that will help you get moving:

1: Find a motivator

Unless you have a health condition such as heart disease and blood pressure, you may not be feeling the pressure to move. Even if you don’t have a medical condition, there are lots of great reasons for one to exercise.

Focus on the exercises that will do for your real-life goals. Let’s say as you turn 50, you would want to take care of yourself and be independent. Make that your goal and get moving. Once you have found your motivator, then nothing can stop you.

2: Pick your favorite exercise

Be careful about the type of exercise you choose. If you hate an activity, there are very limited chances that you will stick to it for long. So before you commit to one type of exercise, make sure you test out a variety of options.

If you love nature, hiking could be your thing. On the other hand, if you are competitive, then you can sign up for a tennis tournament maybe.

3: Power up

No matter what type of workout it is, you should start with strength training at least twice a week to get your muscle groups working. This doesn’t have to be complicated.

You can also do push-ups, wall sits, sit-ups and yoga. All these activities can be done while talking on the phone. Once you become completely energized, nothing can stop you from powering up.

4: Lift Weights

For older women, the best single way of lifting weight is to maintain overall fitness. It will also stop the creeping fat gain. The best part is building strength with weight training is possible regardless of your age. There are studies that women in their 70s have been able to build muscles by lifting weights 2 to 3 times a week.

5: Become a regular walker

Walking is one of those exercises that can improve cardiovascular fitness. Improve the mood, keep your weight under control. Whether it’s swimming, jogging, cycling, or other aerobic exercises, these physical activities can improve flexibility, lower body fat, and tone your body after your 50s.

Also, walking is one of those activities that can provide you benefits even when you get older. The risk for injury is low, it does not need equipment, can be done alone or in a group, and even when you are traveling, you can do it. Walking also improves bone and joint health.

6: Make it a habit

Sometimes, all we need is a trigger to get us going. So if you want to make exercising a regular thing, you must accept it as a habit. Make it a part of your day until it becomes something you cannot live without such as your morning cup of coffee.

7: Consume enough Protein

Unfortunately, older women don’t take enough protein for maintaining muscle mass. Don’t forget that protein is a major block of the body. Since it is not stored, it must be replenished regularly. The protein consumption can either be complete or incomplete.

The complete proteins are found in fish, eggs, meat, and other animal sources. Incomplete protein, on the other hand, is found in fruits, veggies, and nuts.

If you are not careful about what you eat and combine the right sources of food, then you will fail to get protein. If the protein supply is inadequate, it is difficult to maintain and build muscles. Do some research on how to get this essential nutrient if you are a vegan.

8: Cut yourself some slack

This change is not just a behavior change, but a lifestyle change. Therefore, set realistic goals. Setbacks will come but consider them an opportunity to create a better system for preventing future lapses.

If you skipped an exercise class, ask yourself what is stopping you from this goal? You could be too tired or busy? When the reason for skipping an exercise day is genuine, don’t beat yourself up. Do better next time.

9: Focus on the results

Exercise is great for your body. It will keep you healthy in your older days and will keep you moving without anyone’s help. And if you get regular at this, it will give your money the energy to get through the day.

Research also says that regular forms of aerobic exercise can help improve your memory. Research also shows that walking boosts creativity.  So wear your shoes, pick a partner and start walking. You will love the benefits this habit will bring to your life.

10: Continue to monitor your progress

The whole purpose of starting this exercise regime is to make you stay fit in your older days. So, from the very first day, start monitoring your progress. This will hold you accountable in some sense. 


If you would like your future days to be full of brightness and independence, then start doing physical activity to build muscles. As you can see, there is no need to train harder. Even a simple exercise such as walking can make a huge difference in your life. It will keep you going, make your bones strong, and maintain your mental health.

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