How to Boost Your Performance in Gym

2019-10-15 12:22:40

The good news is that there are a bunch of things you can do to make your workouts productive. Let’s walk you through these:

Keep yourself hydrated and make sure you are well rested

Everything you have done since your last work out session tones you up for the next day. This includes the food you ate, the liquids you have drunk and the amount of rest you have done. All of this will impact how well you will be able to recover and perform the next day.

Set goals

You shouldn’t hit the gym without goals. How can you possibly train hard without knowing why you are training? To be successful and you perform well, you need something more than telling yourself to perform reps.

Before heading to the gym, sit down and list down your goals. What do you want to achieve with your workout? Do you want to increase your body weight? Lose fat? Get a lean and ripped figure? Whether it is a small goal or a big goal, jot it down so that you can set milestones. When you have a strong sense of purpose, it will motivate you to perform.  

Have a training partner

Motivation can come a long way when it comes to working out well in the gym. It’s very easy to slack off. You skip one day of training and the next thing you will see you are looking for excuses to skip training altogether.

If you have a training partner, they will not just motivate you but help you set goals. Since you are accountable to another person, you will push yourself to outperform. On the other hand, when you are by yourself, you don’t pay the same kind of attention.

Take whey protein and creatine supplement

You are going to need the energy to perform. The best sources of energy are supplements such as creatine and why protein. When taken before and after the workout, they don’t just increase your strength but help build more muscle mass and even reduce body fat.

Don’t overtrain

Yes, you have to work hard but that doesn’t mean you burn yourself by overtraining. There is a possibility that you are not performing well because the last day, you trained for too long.

Training too hard can have a negative impact on your ability to build muscle as well. Therefore, make sure you balance everything out. Don’t lift too heavy weights for too long. You could get injured.  

Relax yourself out in a hot tub

If you have to do this every day, then do it. A hot bath not just helps your body relax but it also helps in muscle growth. Therefore, there’s no harm in soaking in a hot tub every day, right?

Do some stretching but only after training

If you had been stretching before weightlifting, then you need to stop. This could be making you weak during training. The right time to stretch is after working out. This makes you more flexible than when you stretch before working out. And it is safer and safer to stretch muscles when they are already warm and pliable.

Listen to the right kind of music

Let’s be real, music is another motivating factor in helping you train more. It sets your mood. It can make you happy, angry sad or dance. Likewise, it can also help you train well.

Don’t rely on the music played in the gym, create your own playlist and play it when you are training. You will be surprised by the results yourself.

So, it all boils down to setting the right kind of attitude. Some days will be good, some will be worst. If you had been feeling down lately and slacking off at the gym, these tips will help you big time. list down the things that demotivate you and come up with a plan to remove all the hurdles that come in the way of your performance.  

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