What Are the Bad and Good Effects of Steroids?

In this blog post, we are going to dig deep into how steroids are giving you the benefits you need and evaluate its bad effects on its users. To begin with, let’s say that everything has its pros and cons and to say that steroids are only causing you harm is incorrect. Steroids have been working for all types of people who need them. They are used by medical experts to prescribe them for the treatment of incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and various other abnormalities and syndromes.


However, anabolic steroids are known for their usage amongst the athletes from all types of sports, who are using steroids to further improve their muscle mass, overall physical strength and enhance their performance. With that being the goal, the athletes have to deal with the other effects of steroids. These effects are not necessarily harmful but they are not desirable either.


To control the undesired impacts of steroids, the user will have to take those factors into consideration that encourages those impacts and adjust their type of steroid and its dosage. In order to put in this much work, you have to consult an expert or an experienced athlete. Someone, who has fair enough knowledge regarding the usage of steroids and its dosage depending on unique factors of a unique individual. Better would be to hire a coach who will not only guide you through your training but also guide you towards the right time for the right anabolic steroids and how to start your cycle.


Being careless regarding your steroid cycle is detrimental for your years’ worth of training. Just like you should not take medicines without any reason or concern for it, you should not take steroids as well. Therefore, draw your focus on how you should be taking steroids and what you need to do in order to gain maximum benefits while keeping your health in check.


Bad Effects


Depending on the underlying conditions, many individuals tend to react towards steroids in the unhealthiest ways. Anabolic steroids aggravate those pre-existing conditions and absolutely fail in giving you the benefits you expected. So, to avoid this mess, consider evaluating a check list that will help you determine whether you should take steroids or not. You can make your own check list however you wish but you can look at the list below to gain some inspiration. Remember to involve your coach or any expert that you know who can help you with your check list.



Do I Have Diabetes?



Do I Have A Cardiovascular Disease?


Do I Have Liver and Kidney Issues?


Is My BMI Score 30 Or Higher?


Osteoporosis History?


History of Cancer?


Mental Health Issues in the past or today?


Can I Afford Steroid Cycles With PCT?


Do I Have A Coach or An Expert to Guide?


Do I Train Hard at The Gym?


Do I Have A Sustainable Diet Plan?











This checklist is not limited to its current content, you can change it however you wish for it. Try to write down all those conditions in which an individual should avoid steroids and those conditions as well which have been present in your family genetics.


This is just one way of evaluating if you are in perfect health to start your steroid cycle. Because of carelessness, many athletes have put themselves through an ordeal of mismanaging their dosages which have destroyed their lives and their careers. Injectable steroids or oral steroids are not gummy bears for athletes, but sadly some athletes think their body can put through anything. Lucky they must be if they have dodged a bullet but to advise it to others is where things turn ugly because every individual is unique when it comes to taking anabolic steroids, fat burners, and HGH’s and peptides.


Everyone needs their own personalized steroid dosage, no one can show the same results on other person with the same dosage. Therefore, focus on yourself and your goals and your dosage. Taking advise is good, but to follow it in its literal terms is unhealthy and a major bad effect of steroids.


Following we will list out some major side effects of steroids that have been resulted due to major negligence and ignorance on part of the user. These bad effects can cause an impact on both physical and mental health on the athletes.


Lipid profile changes

Elevated blood pressure

Decreased myocardial function


Male pattern baldness


Decreased sperm count

Testicular atrophy

Impotence and transient infertility

Increased risk of liver tumors and liver damage

Reduced sperm counts

Decreased testicular size

Menstrual irregularities




Libido changes

Premature epiphyseal plate closure

Increased risk of tendon tears

Intramuscular abscess


The above list states all those bad effects that steroids have so far caused amongst those who have mismanaged the dosage or continued their steroid cycles for an extended time period. These are the physical side effects that are apparent and in many cases they are nonterminal. These side effects can be avoided altogether if the user starts their post cycle therapy right after their steroid cycle. Further below, we have a list of all those issues that have a significant impact upon the mental health of the user.


Mental health issues:




Mood swings



Many athletes have complained about suffering through a lot of anxiety and depression when they come off of their steroid cycle. During their cycle, they would feel at the top of their self-esteem and they become absolutely confident but when their steroid cycle ends, they tend to fall into an ebb. Their self-esteem is at its lowest and their mental health starts deteriorating and in order to succeed in the sports industry, the athletes need to have a strong mental health a lot with their physical health. Athletes can however push their physical self if they have strong mental will but if their mental health is not in their control, physical health will also get affected.

Negligence When Taking Steroids 


Steroids themselves are not that harmful as much as the negligence of certain users of steroids. They tend to abuse steroids to achieve unrealistic goals and put themselves under harm’s way which inevitably has a direct impact on the image of the athletic community. If one athlete dies or falls into coma while taking steroids, the whole community is looked down-upon for drug abuse. The bad impact on the whole community because of one abuser, leaves a mark of Cain upon other athletes and discredits their years of training and hard work.


So, being smart while dealing with steroids is the key to get all the good effects of steroids and easily avoid the bad effects. It is a great responsibility upon the shoulders of the athletes to be intelligent and not dumb when starting their steroid cycle because there is no room for mistakes once you have started your cycle and are training as per the requirements.


Good Effects


After reading all those side effects of steroids, you must come to think why do I need to take all that risk and put myself through such an ordeal of evaluating whether steroids are suitable for me or not? Well, for your ease, let us tell you that steroids will help you reach your fitness goals and give you the strength and power you need to succeed while climbing your professional ladder.


Anabolic steroids are only harmful when you are careless and do not invest in post cycle therapy. Other than that, the benefits and the promising results that anabolic steroids have to offer are too good to not be careful regarding a few factors while starting your steroid cycle. Once you have consulted an expert or an experienced coach regarding what is best for your unique body and your unique goals have been identified, you are good to go ahead with your steroid cycle. You can expect the following list of good effects of anabolic steroids out of which most of them will be an integral part of your primary goals.

Increase In Lean Body Mass

Increase In Muscle Cross-Sectional Area

Decrease In Body Fat Percent

Increase Muscle Strength & Power

Enhance Recovery Between Workouts

Enhance Recovery From Injury

Increase In Protein Synthesis

Increase In Muscle Endurance

Increase In Erythropoiesis, Hemoglobin, And Hematocrit

Increase In Bone Mineral Density

Increase In Glycogen Storage

Increase In Lipolysis

Increase In Neural Transmission

Reduced Muscle Damage

Increase In Pain Tolerance

Behavior Modification (Aggression)


After your steroid cycle ends, you need to straight-up jump on the post cycle therapy. PCT drugs such as Nolvadex or Tamoxifen are on sale at Teamroids and can easily be purchased. It is also essential to keep in check that your coach guides you through this process as well because the PCT drugs will help your body to start balancing the natural hormone levels. If the athlete goes against the advice of taking PCT drugs then they are putting themselves at a confirm risk of welcoming all the side effects that were mentioned above.


The only reason for one to not take PCT drugs is that they might be unavailable, which is highly unlikely, or they might be too expensive.


First of all, nothing is too expensive when it comes to protecting the quality of your life and second of all, if you can afford a steroid cycle, then you can surely afford your PCT drugs. Your anabolic steroids and PCT drugs should be order together so that you don’t leave any room for any mishap once the cycle ends because a day’s delay into your PCT can have significant affect.


The Reality of Steroids and Bodybuilding


To understand, why steroids are still around if there is so much to be worried about is because steroids actually work. They are guaranteed to provide you with the results that you need and they can also protect you from multiple diseases after all they are used in the treatment of incurable diseases.


Now, bodybuilders find steroids as their ultimate best friend when they building up their body. Professional level athletes do not rely on steroids, rather they use them to maximize their gains and max out their stamina and power. There is no doubt about it because many pro level athletes such as Rich Piana once said that athletes use steroids because they work and not because they are addictive. The instant power the steroids gives and its favorable results is what is addictive and that is unhealthy. It will lead to over consumption of steroids and the high chances are that the user will die.


So, keeping a certain order and a disciplined hardcore attitude while training with steroids is absolutely essential for the athlete to succeed in their bodybuilding career. And that is the reality of steroids and bodybuilding profession.


Maintaining The Balance


While all the advises given above in the blog are necessary, lets focus on simple things as well. These simple things include the diet, training schedule and the personal records. You need to strike a balance in your diet and training sessions.


Make sure when you are on caloric deficit diet, you focus on fat burning exercises and if you are on caloric surplus diet, then focus on muscle building exercise. It is the little things like these that will help you achieve your goals and success.


While all that is in process, work on your own personal records and try to achieve new PR in every new session. During this process, consider yourself as your own competitor and it will help you in maintaining a disciplined attitude towards your training and continue to set a new record every day.


It will also eventually help you in starting your steroid cycle in a more systematic manner while making sure to consult an experienced individual or hire a coach to help you get started with your steroid cycle. The balance between all the things is essential, so try to maintain that balance for your own health’s sake.