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Why Buy Oral Steroids?

Anabolic steroids have proven to increase individual strength. They are used to improve muscularity and athletic abilities. If you choose the right steroids, you can add 30 pounds of muscle mass in a matter of weeks.

Steroids also assist in fat loss and keeping you lean. Anabolic steroids can help you to build muscles you would have to work years for… In months.

How Long Do Oral Steroids Stay In The Body?

This depends on the type of steroid that has been consumed. But most oral steroids will stay in the body for 3 weeks. Some much longer than 3 weeks.

How Do Oral Steroids Work?

When working out, micro-tears occur in the muscle’s fibers. These are repaired by the body through a process called muscle hypertrophy. In this process, the damaged muscle fibers are replaced with bigger fibers by the body. The physical result of this process repeated multiple is bigger muscles.

When anabolic androgenic steroids are consumed, they bind to androgenic receptors that tell the cell to start making more proteins for building muscle.

Is it safe to Buy Oral Steroids Online?

It’s safe to buy oral steroids online from Teamroids. We have made the process of buying steroids easier for you. There is no need to get a prescription to find yourself the best oral steroids. Put your trust in us to safely deliver the steroids in your country without getting in legal trouble.

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Get the Best Oral Steroids

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What are Oral Steroids?

Oral steroids include any type of steroid that can be taken by mouth. These include pills as well as liquid. Oral steroids are either prescribed for a medical condition or taken for muscle building purposes. The health conditions that these steroids can treat include:

Inflammatory bowel disease

Autoimmune disease 

Joint and muscle diseases



The dosage of these steroids varies depending on the condition as well as the goals of an individual. Taking steroids, no matter what type they are is not for the faint of heart. Many beginners have a hard time adjusting to the changes caused by taking steroids. Don’t worry, these changes are mostly hormonal since you are body starts producing more testosterone.

Top Oral Steroids to Buy

1.    Anavar

Anavar is one of the most used steroids in the bodybuilding and performance enhancing world. When you take Anavar, it improves protein synthesis and your muscles start amping up. This steroid is effective for both muscle building and burning fat. However, to give it a boost and see optimal bulking results, it is recommended to stack other steroids along. The half-life of Anavar is 10 hours. Anavar is only effective if you take a proper diet and train hard in the gym. The minimum cycle for this steroid must be 4 weeks. After the cycle is over, you must go on PCT.

2.    Arimidex

Arimidex was medically approved for treating breast cancer in women suffering from menopause. Breast cancer is triggered by the increased production of estrogen in the body. Arimidex blocks its production and helps treat the condition.

It is almost universal to take Arimidex while you are on your steroid cycle. The main estrogenic side effects of anabolic steroids are water retention, gyn, and blood pressure.

Arimidex is highly effective at inhibiting the aromatase enzyme that triggers these side effects in steroid users. This AI can stop the rise of estrogen levels at most levels. That is why most bodybuilders prefer this steroid because of its powerful ability to control the estrogen levels.

3.    Dianabol

It’s one popular oral steroid. The moment Dianabol enters your body, it increases protein synthesis, which is directly related to muscle gains. You will also notice your strength and endurance to amp up better than ever before. That’s now, this means you will now be spending more time at the gym training hard to build bigger and stronger muscles.

If you have always complained about muscle fatigue, this problem will go away too. Because of these qualities, Dianabol deserves to be in the bulking phase of every user. It is going to gift you with amazing muscles that will stay with you for a long time if you keep on training to maintain them.

4.    Femara

Femara is sold by the name brand name Letrozole, is a revisable Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) that is highly valued by bodybuilders. It’s not a steroid but it works just fine. This AI is used for controlling the side effects of estrogen resulting in the use of aromatizing steroids.

Before entering the bodybuilding world, Femara was used for treating breast cancer in post-menopausal women. It blocks estrogen production and hence combats the adverse effects. Say goodbye to water retention, high blood pressure, and other steroid side effects. Femara blocks the aromatase enzyme, hence reducing the estrogenic function.

5.    Clomid

Clomid is a famous anti-estrogenic compound. It is also known by the name Clomiphene. Before entering the steroid world, it was medically used for treating conditions related to the reproductive system and some sexual diseases. Today, it is being used for boosting testosterone levels.

Clomid is safe to use. It raises the testosterone levels in your body in a safe way. You will notice a change in your performance and strength as you start taking this steroid. Since it helps with the production of testosterone, it will improve muscle mass too. Apart from improving the testosterone levels, it normalizes the production of other hormones as well.

Do Oral Steroids Cause Side-Effects?

If you are on a short cycle, these steroids won’t result in side effects. When taken for medical purposes such as treating asthma, 1 to the 2-week course would be enough. You should be able to complete the course without encountering any problem.

Similarly, if you are on a short cycle, you won’t have to worry about side effects. On the other hand, if you take a long cycle, which prolongs more than 2 to 3 months, or if you take a short cycle repeatedly, you are likely to experience side effects.

The possible side effects include high blood pressure, muscle weakness, mood and behavioral changes, acne, baldness, and water retention. In case you notice anything usual than what’s mentioned, it’s recommended to stop taking the oral steroid and visit your doctor immediately. Be honest and open about taking steroids because it’s the matter of your health.

How Fast Do Oral Steroids Work?

Most oral steroids work quickly within one to four days, you should be able to see the results. This means you won’t have to prolong your steroid cycle to view the results. However, with your current dosage, you are supposed to stick to your workout routine and continue with your diet.

Is It Safe To Drink On Steroids?

There is no harm in drinking alcohol while taking oral steroids. However, it’s not recommended to drink too much because it may irritate your stomach. You can also take oral steroids with food.

However, there are certain steroids with which certain types of foods are not recommended. For instance, if you are taking prednisolone, do not eat liquorice with it. This could cause an adverse reaction.

How to Buy Oral Steroids?

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