TAMOXIFEN 20 (Nolvadex ) Para Pharma

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma

Product Pack : Tamoxifen 20, 50 tabs, 20mg/tab

Raw Material : Tamoxifen Citrate


Nolvadex is sold under the brand name Tamoxifen. Teamroids bring you Tamoxifen 20 (Nolvadex) Para Pharma at its best quality and you can buy it online without regrets.


It’s an anti-estrogen and some call it the prodrug. It acts as an antagonist of the estrogen receptor. It is very effective in preventing the estrogen influence on tumors triggered by hormonal changes. 
If you are a bodybuilder, Tamoxifen can bring tremendous benefits. It can increase the testosterone levels of your body by stimulating LH production. This is why this steroid is highly effective for PCT. 
You must be wondering how this steroid works. It binds itself to the estrogen receptors and blocks their effects. This ability of Tamoxifen had made it effective for treating breast cancer in women and women. Tamoxifen does not have anabolic or androgenic effects. It is just a compound that blocks the estrogen receptors. 
Tamoxifen is the safest drug you will ever use for offsetting the androgenic effects of steroids. However, this does not mean the steroid is free from all side effects. You might experience lightheadedness, hot flashes, weight loss, etc. However, if you administer the right dosage, you won’t have to worry about these side effects. 


You must take a limited dosage of Tamoxifen. Ideally, it should be kept between 20 and 30 mg per day. Since you will be taking it as a part of PCT, keep the cycle between 4 to 6 weeks. For females, the dosage must be lower than what’s mentioned above.