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About Gen-Shi Labs

Gen-Shi Laboratories is a well-known pharmaceutical company with two of its facilities in Japan and Greece. The company established in the year 2003. When the demand for their products increased, they opened another facility in Scandinavia. Now, they export worldwide. They supply medications and anabolic steroids in the UK, France, USA, Italy, Canada, Germany, Iran, Australia and other countries where there is a higher demand for steroids.
Gen-Shi Labs follow cGMP like standards to ensure they produce the best and the most high-quality products. Their raw material suppliers include Merck Chemicals & SASOL Chemicals from Germany. They use the Millipore & Sartorius filtering systems to test the quality of their products.

Why Buy From Gen-Shi Laboratories?

Gen-Shi Labs make their products after thorough research and they go through rigorous testing before they are out in the market. The side effects of these steroids have been minimized to so that they become widely acceptable by bodybuilders, athletes, and other users.
You don’t need a prescription to buy Gen-Shi Labs anabolic steroids. You can purchase them online from Teamroids.

Get Your Supply of Gen-Shi Labs Steroids from Teamroids

People use steroids to improve their performance as well as the structure of their body. That’s why steroids are highly popular among athletes and bodybuilders. The FDA in the United States and other regulatory bodies in different countries have banned steroids to prevent their abuse. Even professionals are not allowed to try these compounds to bulk their bodies up. That’s why they rely on the black market resources to get their supply of steroids. With Teamroids on your side, you don’t have to worry about finding the right person to deliver Gen-Shi Labs to you. With our catalogue of Gen-Shi Labs steroids, you can order your supply right from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Buying Gen-Shi Labs Steroids from Teamroids

  • No need for prescription: Some steroids require prescriptions while others don’t. There a number of steroids by Gen-Shi Labs that don’t need any prescription. So, feel free to order the steroids you want in the quantity you desire. We never ask for prescription.
  • No legal troubles: Although the public selling of steroids are banned in most countries, the regulations do not apply to online stores. So relax, you will not get into any legal troubles if you are ordering steroids from Teamorids.
  • Discreet shipping procedure: We follow a discreet shipping procedure. Your personal details (such as name and address) will be kept confidential. Other than this, no one will have the right to open your package to investigate what’s inside. We follow a discreet shipping procedure to make sure your order is delivered without any hassle.
  • Competitive prices: We want to be sure every individual who wants to consume high-quality steroids is able to afford them. Therefore, our supply of anabolic steroids by Gen-Shi Labs are priced competitively. Even an average individual can afford them.

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