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Manufacturer : Para Pharma UK DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 100 tabs, 20mg/tab

Raw Material : Methandrostenolone


DIANABOL 20 Para Pharma UK DOMESTIC is one of the most popular, effective, and potent steroids in the world of bodybuilding and athletics. Para Pharma, the manufacturing industry of this supplement, is also not a new name for bodybuilders and steroid users. The active compound present in this steroid is Methandrostenolone. You may not read this name before as it has always been hidden by the popularity of its brand name, Dianabol. 

Anyone who is willing to use a performance-enhancing agent with some cutting and bulking abilities can use this steroid. You can get the legit version of this steroid at Teamroids. Teamroids will deliver your package with complete secrecy to avoid any legal action. DIANABOL 20 Para Pharma UK DOMESTIC is available in oral form. The price for a pack of 100 tablets is $100, and the active compound per tablet is 20mg. 


This steroid is pretty affordable but it never compromises on its benefits. Following are some of its top listed benefits. 

It will add lean muscles to your body by stimulating protein synthesis. It initiates this process by accelerating the breakdown of proteins quickly by breaking muscle fibers in the body. As a result, new proteins will form at a quicker pace and you will start getting ripped and stronger fibers. 

It also improves nitrogen retention in the body. This retained nitrogen has a greater impact on your overall activity. Furthermore, this nitrogen is the main constituent of amino acids which are linked together to form proteins. 

The side effects of this steroid are almost negligible. The reason behind that is its low androgenic rating which is around 60 only. While natural hormones like testosterone have a rating higher than 100. So, Dianabol will not cause any side effects due to its androgenic abilities. 


Cycle length should never exceed 6 weeks. For beginners, it must be for 4 weeks. Per-day dose for beginners is about 30 to 40 mg. Intermediate and expert users can raise the per-day dosage to 40-80 mg. Women must never exceed the amount of 20 mg per day.