TriTren 150 Dragon Pharma

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Manufacturer : Dragon Pharma

Product Pack : 10 mL vial (150 mg/mL)

Raw Material : Trenbolones Blend


Tri Ten (Tri Trenbolone) is a steroid packed with crazy effects. It is popular among bodybuilders because of its ability to build muscles quickly. You can buy Tri Ten from Dragon Pharma at a competitive price online at Teamroids.

The steroid has an interesting back story. It was created by a pharmaceutical company by name blue dragon. The purpose to create this steroid was to come up with something that is superior to Trenbolone alone. 


Its potential is similar to Trenbolone but better. Whether it’s bulking or cutting phase, you will find this steroid highly useful. You will experience the following benefits:

It will boost your red blood cell count 

Your testosterone level will increase

The body’s ability to absorb nutrients will increase

You will see significant growth in your muscles 

The best thing about Tri Tren is that it has fewer estrogenic side effects as compared to anabolic substances. You will successfully develop lean muscle mass. Don’t hesitate to use it in your bulking or cutting cycle.


During your steroid cycle, stick to 40 mg of Tri Tren per day. You must be careful about one thing – this steroid can spike the testosterone level of your body significantly. Once your steroid cycle is complete, you will have to go back on PCT to store the natural hormone production.

Apart from disrupting the male hormonal cycle, you will experience certain side effects like sleeplessness, and male baldness. Be careful with the dosage because it can manifest heart-related problems as well.