A Beginners Guide on Using Anabolic Steroids

2021-04-29 21:26:13

Anabolic steroids are the type of steroids that are more commonly used for body-building purposes. They consist of synthetic substances that behave as testosterone, which gives them muscle-building capabilities. Along with having an effect on the sex drive, anabolic steroids also increase the muscle mass that is the primary goal of a bodybuilder. This is why these are the basic needs for all bodybuilders who wish to increase their muscle strength and size.

If you are new on the pathway of becoming a bodybuilder, you need to have complete knowledge about how to use anabolic steroids. It is a process that requires a thorough understanding and careful implementation. In this article, we will cover up how to best use anabolic steroids so that you too can embark on your journey towards bodybuilding the right way.

Why Should I Use Anabolic Steroids?

If you have always wanted to pursue the route of becoming a bodybuilder, you can contemplate the idea of using steroids. They can help in boosting your energy and building muscle mass rather quickly and efficiently. However, it is recommended to not rely on them solely for this purpose. You must pay attention to your diet and workout sessions as well.

The ultimate recipe for becoming a bodybuilder is dedication, effort and focus. The use of steroids can speed up the process, and help you accomplish your goal in a quick-paced way. Furthermore, as they make you more energized, you will be more productive during the workout sessions.

It is important to note that there are different types of steroids available. Not all of them are suitable for bodybuilders. You must know about these types, their composition and functions before making the right pick.

Is Using Anabolic Steroids Dangerous?

Anabolic steroids are simply means to counter the deficiency of male sex hormone, which is testosterone. However, if a person already has normal levels of that hormone, there can be some dangers associated with using them. The short and long-term risks involved with using unrequired anabolic steroids include damage to the heart and other respiratory organs, high blood pressure, acne, difficulty in water release from the body, shrinkage of testicles, breast development, male pattern baldness, increase in cholesterol levels, and also damage to the liver causing hepatic diseases.

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Needless to say, only go on the pathway of using anabolic steroids if your testosterone levels are extremely low and it is becoming a hurdle towards your bodybuilding career. Even then, you need a proper prescription for having anemia or low testosterone levels before getting these steroids in the first place.

Methods of Intake

There are many methods with which anabolic steroids can be taken. The most common among them, which is how everyone starts taking steroids, is through ingesting them orally. There are also injectable forms of anabolic steroids which are comparatively safer as they cause less liver damage. Hence, most people start off with oral ingestion, followed by injections. However, oral steroids are cleared off from the body faster, so many people stay on that method as well. Moreover, there are also cream or gel forms of anabolic steroids that can be directly applied to the skin, reducing any risks from sharing needles.

How to Avoid Misuses of Anabolic Steroids?

When a person usually starts on the course of taking steroids, there are some very common mistakes that he might make. When they take anabolic steroids without a prescription, they tend to overdose with them. Following are the misuses of anabolic steroids that you should steer clear of.

●     Pyramiding - People often start off taking anabolic steroids in small dosage, increasing it further and further before decreasing the intake again.

●     Stacking - Many people use different types of steroids without any regard to their combined effect. They also use different intake methods.

●     Cycling - People take large amounts of steroids and then stop taking them abruptly for some time before picking them up again.

●     Plateauing - it is often that people keep switching between different types of steroids, nullifying effects from all of them and preventing the body from getting the most from each steroid.

Now that you know what the most common misuses of steroids are, make sure that you do not follow any of these strategies as they can harm your body’s internal environment.


Anabolic steroids should be used in moderate amounts, and that too under careful medical supervision. The dangers only come from misusing these drugs intensely, for longer periods of time. Get expert recommendations before you start off taking steroids so that you can avoid the shortcomings and have a beneficial routine.

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