4 Popular Steroids that are also Safe for Bodybuilding

2019-07-13 02:51:23

Burning the fat is hard, but you know what’s harder? Building muscle along with burning fat. If you want both, then you must be killing it in the gym. Along with the right nutrition and supplements, your anabolic diet needs to be on point as well. For that, you might want to take steroids.
Steroids have existed in bodybuilding for years. You must be thinking, wait, aren’t steroids dangerous? You will be surprised to know that there are some steroids that are safer especially if you want to take them for bodybuilding.
But you need to take every precaution in the book to stay away from possible effects such as high blood pressure, acne, hair loss, etc.
Here is the list of the steroids that are safe to consume for bodybuilding:


It’s one of those steroids that are highly effective for weight loss. It is known as the most female-friendly steroid out there.
It promotes fast fat reduction, gives you muscular definition and improves your strength. The best part is when all of this is taking place, you will not lose muscles. This steroid does not cause much water retention either.



It’s usually available in injectable form. It’s a natural hormone which your body is used to already.
It can help in boosting strength, music mass, enhance your protein synthesis, and nitrogen retention. Along with building muscles, it also improves testosterone levels.



Nandrolone is significantly effective in muscle growth. It also provides lean body mass and strength. It is also a bit similar to testosterone in structure. It is also known by the name Deca.
All bodybuilders want to increase in size rapidly while maintaining leanness. And Nandrolone is extremely powerful in that. It also helps improve recovery time. So you can expect to hit harder in the next gym session. It is also one of those steroids that has the lowest side effects.  


It is also a popular steroid among bodybuilders. It is known for increasing muscle mass without damaging the liver and prostate.
Once you consume it, it will enhance your protein synthesis and recovery and these two are curial when it comes to building size. You will see a notable difference in your strength as well. It will help you gain between 10 to 20 pounds of lean muscle mass.

Wait… the way you take these steroids matter!

These steroids are available in oral and injectable form. It is preferred to consume them in injectable form since they stay in your body longer as compared to oral steroids. Oral steroids have to pass through your digestive system and liver. This could make you nauseous and even make your stomach upset.
On the other hand, injectable steroids don’t cause any such trouble. The chances of liver damage are less too. They tend to stay in your blood for a long time. Therefore, their dosage is lighter too.

As long as the steroids you are taking are from the list above, you don’t have to worry about significant side effects. However, you will have to take post cycle therapy supplements even with the safest steroids. These supplements minimize the damage that steroids can cause.

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