Are insulin and diuretics the future of bodybuilding?

2020-07-15 17:04:48

Insulin is a peptide hormone, considered to be the main anabolic hormone of the body. It promotes the absorption of glucose from blood, into muscles tissue, fat and liver which eventually increases the metabolism of fats, protein and carbs in the body. It is commonly consumed by the diabetic patients who suffer from high sugar levels. Insulin, when injected, signals the liver, protein and fat cells to take glucose from the blood and store it as glycogen and use it as a source of energy, thus, restoring the blood sugar levels. Nowadays, the professional bodybuilders have started consuming insulin as a part of their training cycle to increase their muscle tissue and improve endurance. The glycogen restored by insulin is consumed by the muscles during tough workouts which eventually helps the users bulk up.


Diuretics are a type of substance that increases the production of urine. This process is called diuresis in which the body excretes water and salts in the form of urine. There are different types of diuretics such as:

Loop Diuretics

·        Bumetanide 

·        Furosemide 

·        Ethacrynate

·        Torsemide


Potassium Sparing Diuretics

·        Amiloride Hydrochloride

·        Spironolactone 

·        Triamterene 


Thiazides Diuretics

·        Chlorothiazide

·        Chlorthalidone

·        Indapamide

·        Hydrochlorothiazide

·        Methyclothiazide 

·        Metolazone 


Osmotic Diuretics

·        Glycerin 

·        Isosorbide

·        Mannitol Iv

·        Urea

Non-prescription Diuretics

·        Maximum Strength Aqua Ban


Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors

·        Acetazolamide Injection

·        Acetazolamide Tablets

·        Methazolamide

Doctors prescribe diuretics depending on the condition of the patient. Mostly, it is used to treat patients with hypertension, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular related problems etc. Nowadays, loop diuretics are most commonly used by bodybuilders to help them pull off a significant amount of retained water to achieve the perfectly ripped physique that they want to achieve.

Lately, many bodybuilders have been using insulin and diuretics to change their game and move up the professional ladder of bodybuilding. Professionals who have been taking steroids for years, are gradually introducing their bodies to insulin and diuretics under a controlled environment where they have experts and professionals who can guide them regarding the dosage because both of these drugs can be highly fatal if they are miscalculated even once.

There are young athletes who are taking steroids, working hard at the gym and they are outright impatient to achieve an absolute ripped physique that mostly professional bodybuilders achieve after years and years of training. Such rookie bodybuilders are seeking their ambitions through insulin and diuretics by adding them into their first cycle.

For such a young bodybuilder, to consider taking such potent substances into their system without any risk analysis puts their life at risk. For instance, if an athlete takes one miscalculated shot of insulin, their chances of falling into a coma or worst, losing their life, increases ten folds than calculated shot. Experienced or advanced athletes, who are surrounded by a controlled environment, with the right coaches around, where each aspect is monitored before taking an insulin, show the desired outcomes that novice bodybuilders expect to achieve after a few shots. When in reality, these advanced athletes have come a long way in life of hardcore training to hit a rock-bottom that leads them to try insulin in a closely monitored environment.

There are so many risks to consider before stacking up on insulin and two of such risks are that you could most probably die or become insulin resistant and become morbidly obeast. One such case of a 26-year-old bodybuilder, Dallas McCarver, who allegedly died from an insulin overdose. The media is informed that he died while choking on food, which may technically be true because food was found in his throat but the odds of a bodybuilder dying just because of that are slim. Any sensible individual can sense that something is not right. It is speculated by many that he must have had taken his insulin shot which may have triggered his sugar levels to drop. To control his sugar, he must have started taking food in a state of panic and before his body could handle itself, his sugar levels dropped and eventually he died. He was found dead alone, with no one around him to call 911 or to take him to a hospital. Dallas McCarver was one of the young and one of the most famous bodybuilders that emerged from Mr. Olympia at such a young age and yet his need to achieve more lead him into putting his own life at risk just by being impatient and careless. Although he must have worked hard religiously and performed hardcore training through the years he had been active as a professional, taking insulin just to bulk up on muscle tissue instantaneously is careless and irresponsible on his part.

Alongside, diuretics on the other hand are so fatal that they can put anyone into the risk of losing their life. Loop diuretics are the most common ones that are consumed by the bodybuilders for the purposes of getting rid of water retention in the body. It helps them achieve a perfectly ripped body which defines the intricate cuts and shape of their entire muscles. But this same drug is the reason for putting countless number of people under coma and even worst, makes them lose their life. Many prominent bodybuilders have lost their lives due miscalculated dosages of loop diuretics, resulting in muscular cramping of the heart, renal failure and etc. Though, this drug has provided benefit in terms of making the muscle tissues appear more outlined and well-defined but to risk it over your own life is absolutely careless and irresponsible but this drug is easily available and it retails at a much cheaper cost than other drugs. It is medically used to treat edema, high blood pressure and blood poisoning to flush the poison out of the body and other foreign agents. It is highly asserted upon that Diuretics should only be used for medical treatments and bodybuilders must stop using this drug to avoid putting their lives at risk for something unnatural and artificially acquired.

In light of the information shared above, we must wrap our heads around the fact that insulin and diuretics are two different compounds and so are steroids as well. Those who are dying because of insulin or diuretics overdoes are generally being termed as people who overdosed on steroids. So, the general perception is pointing fingers at steroids, when in fact insulin, and diuretics are the actual culprit as they are extremely fatal as compared to oral steroids and injectable steroids which appear to be much safer and an effective option as they can be monitored well in a controlled environment. However, in future these drugs might be modified to make them less fatal but that is highly unlikely, therefore, we cannot consider insulin and diuretics as the future of bodybuilding. Rather, they are destructive to the bodybuilding industry and detrimental for its future.

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