A Healthy Lifestyle Is Better than stacking up on Steroids.

2020-08-23 16:34:22

These days, every other individual is promoting a healthy lifestyle for a long and prosperous life. It is good to mention that even the general population has a fair enough idea that how a healthy lifestyle has an impact upon the physical and mental health of an individual. Given that, a bodybuilder’s lifestyle also accounts for majority of his/her success. Unfortunately, bodybuilding industry is criticized a lot due to its toxic drug culture, in this case you can say there is always that one bad egg that ruins the bunch. Meanwhile, dedicated professional bodybuilders are working hard day and night to speed up their progress. The success of a bodybuilder is dependent on his attitude towards the training and diet. The steroid cycles are started once the bodybuilder has successfully reached the peak of his/her physical development. Steroids will push the gains to its maximum and coagulate them for a long-term impact. In this blog, you will come to understand how a healthy lifestyle of a bodybuilder will help him gain more sustainable muscle mass and overall physical strength rather than depending on steroids to do all the work.

Bodybuilder’s Diet and Health

Food is the primary source of fueling up the body for a bodybuilder to utilize during their training sessions in the gym. A bodybuilder will have to consume only the good fats and complex carbs with a generous amount of proteins to help them while working out. A good nutritious diet consisting of such components will help them break their personal records. It will also improve their mental health, which will inevitably make their mood better and motivate them to further improve their performance. A good diet has a great influence upon the physical and mental health being and when mind and body are synced with harmony, it will trigger the body to outperform itself during the training sessions and build a strong muscle mass.

Following are the most nutritious food items that you, as a bodybuilder, can consume daily:





Mixed nuts




















Fish and Shrimps














Bananas and Apples



These are the most organic options from which you can pick and choose to add into your diet plan. You can research and improvise your diet plan however you see fit but if there are more organic options present in your diet, you will feel mush energetic in your next training sessions and that feeling itself will be worth all the efforts you are putting in.

Intense Physical Training Sessions

Once the bodybuilder is on track with their diet, the training sessions need to be adjusted as per the diet. If the athlete has consumed a lot of proteins and carbs on the same day, their training will have to be more intense then the normal routine to burn the excess energy off of the body. Every day, is a new mountain to climb at the gym for the bodybuilder, they have to work every day on different targets and goals. Each day, they either work on their chest, back, legs, arms, shoulders, abs, glutes, or traps. But before you start working on a single part of your body, you need to bring your body down to the habit of working out and burning excess fat. Once the body has started burning the fat and shift towards developing a lean muscle mass, the bodybuilder should start working on single units of the body in multiple sets to encourage the growth of the muscle. In-between that training, steroids are unnecessary and fatal for the hard work you’re putting in because without a naturally motivated muscle development, the steroids will make you obese. That is why, once you have a naturally built muscle mass, you can start your steroid cycle, preferably prior to any competition. It is always good to consult an expert or an experienced trainer to help you figure out what is best available option when it comes to starting the cycle.

Preparing for a Competition and Steroid Cycles

When the bodybuilders are preparing for the competition, they need to increase the intensity of their training and restrict their diet plan. Along with that, they prefer starting an anabolic steroid cycle at a time when their PCT (Clomid) ends, the mandatory drug test comes clean. All of this requires detailed planning. Preparing for a bodybuilding competition is not something that can be done by a random swing. You need to plan your approach in regards to your unique body and it is intended to challenge you. Make changes into your training routine, start multi-joint exercises and incorporate new intense versions of exercises to promote muscle development. Remember to keep yourself hydrated as well, as the water will help all the nutrients to reach into your muscles and they will need a lot of that since you will be on a restricted diet. Sleep and rest are also crucial because when you increase the intensity of your training, your body will need time for recovery. If you do not rest, chances are that you might get adrift from your training routine and that is not acceptable before a competition. Staying motivated is another challenge so keep yourself in check and if possible, find a trainer, get him to five you some personalized guidance according to your unique body. The trainer will be able to guide you through your steroid cycle and how to start the post cycle therapy based on the unique goals of your unique body. The bodybuilders would use various types of anabolic steroids or HGH’s to stimulate the growth during the bulking cycle. If the bodybuilder is looking to burn fat, then weight loss steroids are also available which will stimulate the fat burn during the cutting cycle. After the steroid cycle ends, it is equally essential to start PCT (Nolvadex) so that the natural levels of hormones are restored and the effect of steroids on the muscles and overall physical enhancement can last longer.

Sustainable Gains

The point of this blog is to understand that sustainable gains are the actual goal. Even though steroids are playing a vital role during the preparation time, it is absolutely necessary to understand that the gains obtained on its own will prove to be sustainable in the longer run and a small cycle of steroids can help you maintain, increase and refine your gains to their maximum limit. This keeps you safe from stacking up on steroids and promotes a healthy lifestyle that takes care of the athlete’s physical and mental health.

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