Cabergoline Tablets IP 0.5 mg

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Manufacturer : Other

Product Pack : 8 Tabs

Raw Material : Caberlee-0.5

Cabergoline is a popular dopamine receptor. Its uses include a reduction in blood pressure, reduced prolactin secretion, more libido, faster recovery time, and some others. If you are in search of quality, Cabergoline, Teamroids can assist you.

As the prolactin secretion is reduced, and the testosterone levels are increased, this increases your confidence. Your mental stability increases too. You might also experience that your sexual life has improved. 


The basic purpose of taking Cabergoline is that it combats the negative effects of prolactin on muscles. That’s why you will hear many bodybuilders speaking highly of this compound. When it suppresses the prolactin levels, the body can produce more testosterone and we all know a higher level of testosterone means you will be gaining more muscles. 

If you like, you can add Cabergoline to your daily regimen but do consult your doctor first. Apart from these benefits, this compound has many medical benefits as well. Such as it can help patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Cushing’s disease, and solve fertility problems caused by higher levels of prolactin in the body in both males and females. 


Athletes know how to take this compound in their bodybuilding regime without progestin for better results and improving the quality of life. Normally, it is recommended to use 0.5 mg once in 10 days. You can also take a slightly higher dosage if you wish to increase your athletic performance. 

Don’t exceed the dosage because, like any steroid, Cabergoline has side effects too which include lethargy, reduced immunity, and disturbance of the water-salt balance.