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Caberlee 0.5 JohnLee (Cabergoline) EXPIRED 11/2021

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Manufacturer : Other

Product Pack : 8 tabs, 0.5mg/tab

Raw Material : Caberlee

Caberlee 0.5 JohnLee is one of the most advanced steroids for post-cycle therapy. This steroid is well known all across the globe for its services in reversing the side effects of many androgenic steroids. As a beginner in the field of bodybuilding, you may not be aware of this steroid. However, professionals have known its benefits and frequently use it for post-cycle therapy. The best thing about this steroid is that it is an oral one. You can simply swallow it without getting injected at several points.

This medicine has some medical benefits as well. Like all other steroids, you cannot get Caberlee from any local drug store as a doctor's prescription is needed for this purpose. The best way is to order it online from Teamroids, as it deals with only legit steroids. The price for a packet of 4 tablets is $40. Each tablet has 0.5 mg of raw material, Caberlee.


Following are the key benefits of using this steroid for post-cycle therapy. 

It is used to reverse the side effects of many androgenic steroids. Androgenic steroids disturb the hormone levels in the body. This results in regulations in the whole body, causing several side effects. Caberlee 0.5 JohnLee will assist the body in maintaining regular levels of hormones and reverse the side effects.

Low testosterone levels can be treated by the use of this steroid. It has some dopamine effects, which lead to the production of more testosterone. So, low testosterone level, which often results at the end of different steroid cycles, is now treatable using Caberlee 0.5 JohnLee

It also assists you in burning fats at a quicker pace. It will increase the metabolism of your body to burn fats rapidly. 


The dosage must be kept at 0.5 mg per week for the first four weeks. Average post-cycle therapy lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. If side effects are still there after 4 weeks, then take 1 mg per week for the next two weeks. This steroid is not suitable for those who have severe cardiovascular disorders.