Caberlee 0.5 JohnLee (Cabergoline) US Domestic Express

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Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears

Product Pack : 4 tabs, 0.5mg/tab

Raw Material : Caberlee

Have you run out of your Cabergoline and you are now looking for express delivery to continue your cycle? Teamroids has got you covered. Buy steroids online and get them delivered to your doorsteps in the USA within a few days.


Cabergoline, also known as Caberlee, is a dopamine receptor. Although it has nothing to do directly with muscle building, it is used by performance athletes and bodybuilders because of its ability to reduce the production of prolactin. 

If you have any experience in building muscles, you must know that a higher level of prolactin affects the production of testosterone levels in your body. Apart from reducing prolactin production, Cabergoline can also reduce blood pressure and boost your libido. 

As more and more testosterone is produced by your body, its ability to build muscles will improve too. Originally, Cabergoline was given to patients with medical conditions like Cushing’s and Parkinson’s disease. It has also been effective in solving fertility problems in both men and women.

Get ready to build muscles if you weren’t able to before because of the way your body was producing prolactin. Once your cycle is over, however, you must go on PCT so that the original testosterone production is restored.


The recommended dosage for Cabergoline is 0.5 mg once in 10 days. You may slightly increase the dosage but don’t overdose yourself because this steroid has significant side effects. It can reduce your immunity which can be harmful to anyone in the long run. Enjoy the benefits of this compound while they last.