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Product Pack : 100 tabs, 20mg/tab

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Tamoxifen is a highly popular steroid among bodybuilders for PCT. Some say it is even better than Clomid. If you are looking for Tamoxifen in original quality, Teamroids has got you covered. Buy 20 mg Tamoxifen in the best quality.


Tamoxifen is also known by the names Nolva and Nolvadex. It is known as the estrogen antagonist. It is designed for negating the side effects related to excess estrogen within the human body. Apart from its use for the PCT cycle, it was used for treating breast cancer in the past. Since it has the ability to block estrogen. 

It helps restore the natural hormonal level in your body which is always disturbed when you are on your steroid cycle. Another reason why bodybuilders yes Nolvadex is its ability to treat gyno. This is another side effect of using steroids. It is the condition in which your breasts enlarge and for males, this is such confidence shattering thing. It can also reduce acne, oily skin and similar other common side effects of taking steroids. You will find it very useful throughout your bodybuilding days.


Nolvadex is very easy to take. You can start taking at the end of your steroid cycle. You just have to swallow the pill, no painful injections are involved. For males, the recommended dosage is between 20 and 30 mg per day whereas, for females, the dosage is 10 mg per day. Make sure you stick to this dosage because it is safe and it won’t cause any harm.