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Manufacturer : Para Pharma US DOMESTIC

Product Pack : 100 tabs, 10mg/tab

Raw Material : Methyldrostanolone


Manufactured by Para Pharma, Superdrol, composed of Methyldrostanolone, is a synthetic and orally consumable anabolic steroid. We are offering 100 tabs, 10mg/tab packaging with US Domestic express delivery. Superdrol was never used for clinical purposes and has been always used by bodybuilders and athletes as a dietary supplement or a prohormone. This drug was developed especially for bodybuilders when steroids became popular in the bodybuilding industry. Many users with superdrol experience have said that as an oral steroid, it has the same effective results as an injectable steroid. This steroid must be consumed after completing the blood work and making sure there are no underlying health conditions. A proper diet with a well-thought out workout routine is necessary to reap the maximum benefits from this drug. Although, all drugs should be taken under a controlled environment, superdrol requires a little more attention. The users should always consult an expert to help them decide the right time for taking superdrol.


Following are some of the benefits of superdrol that users have commonly reported:

  • Increased Gains

  • Increased Libido

  • Prevents Injection Infections

  • More Stamina and Power

  • Great for Cutting Cycle

  • Enhances Strength

  • Muscle Growth

  • Quick Results


The recommended dosage for all bodybuilders is 10 to 20mg daily for 6 weeks. However, if the user decides to prolong their cycle, they will start experiencing side effects. It is advised to avoid prolonging any steroid cycle which is why many bodybuilders would prefer stacking superdrol with other anabolic steroids in order to extract maximum benefits from a single cycle. It can also increase the effectiveness of those anabolic steroids with which it has been combined. Post cycle therapy is mandatory after a cycle of superdrol.