Syringe 1ml Insulin BULK (100 pcs)

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Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears

Product Pack : 100 x 1ml syringe

Raw Material :

A Syringe is a medical device that is meant to inject a fluid into the body. It can also be used for withdrawing fluid from the body. It consists of a needle that is attached to a hollow cylinder and a sliding plunger at the end. When you move the plunger downwards, it injects fluid whereas when you move the plunger upward, it withdraws the fluid.

If you are looking forward to buying syringes in bulk, Teamroids has you covered. This product includes 100 pieces of one ml syringes which you can use to inject steroids into your muscles. Our syringes are designed for delivering a comfortable experience to you when administering liquids and medication. The syringe features a clear and easy to use a barrel, ensuring precision when measuring the quantity of the liquid steroid. 

The plunger works effortlessly. The syringe is made from medical grade plastic. It is pyrogen and latex-free. This makes our syringes safe to use. These syringes are ideal for environments like kitchen, nursing homes, hospitals, hobby shops, and work desks.

Our syringes are safe to use for injecting steroids on your own. However, it is best if you inject the steroids by yourself only if you have experience. If you are doing it for the first time, make sure you do it under the supervision of an experienced use because one wrong move can lead to a reaction.

Note: Each syringe is intended for single use only. We strongly recommend disposing it of after use. You cannot reuse it.