Syringe 6ml BULK (50 pcs)

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Manufacturer : Pharmacy Gears

Product Pack : 50 x 6ml syringe

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If you are on a steroid cycle, apart from having the right steroids in your stock, you would also need the basics, i.e. syringes. There is nothing worse than running out of syringes. To ensure that these essentials stay in stock at all times, it’s best to buy them in bulk. 

Teamroids not just sells the best injectable and oral steroids, we also have these essentials in stock. Buy syringes in bulk and make sure you stay on top of your steroid cycle. This package consists of 50 pieces of 6ml syringes by Pharmacy Gears, which is a trusted brand in the bodybuilding world.

Syringes can be used for two purposes. They are useful in injecting a fluid into the body as well as withdrawing fluid from the body. Follow these tips if you are using a syringe for the first time:

  • Choose the length 

  • Pull the liquid into the syringe 

  • Make sure you have a good grip on the needle and the plunger 

  • Flip the needle so that the air and gas bubbles rise to the top

  • Use the plunger for removing unwanted gas and air 

  • You are now ready to inject the needle into your muscles 

All the instructions on the syringe are clear. Pharmacy Gear ensures that the syringes are made from premium plastic that is safe to use on an everyday basis. 

Once you have used the syringe, make sure you discard it. The same needle and syringe cannot be used again. This could result in infection.