TESTO E 250 Para Pharma

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Manufacturer : Para Pharma

Product Pack : Testo E 250, 10ml vial, 250mg/ml

Raw Material : Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone Enanthate is an androgenic anabolic steroid that was primarily used for treating low testosterone levels in men. This steroid got fame in bodybuilding work because of its muscle-building abilities, fat-burning properties and speedy recovery. Teamroids has Testo E by Para Pharma of the best quality. You can buy it online to get started on your goal of bulking your figure.


The half-life of Test E is 4 to 5 days. You must administer it wisely to keep your testosterone levels stable. You can also stack it with other compounds like Anavar or Winstrol

Once you start taking the drug, you will gain not just in size but strength as well. This compound has the ability to boost protein synthesis which helps in building lean mass. These are some of the benefits you will experience:

Increase lean muscles mass

Improve your strength and endurance 

Boost libido 

Increase your recovery 

Boost protein synthesis and balance the nitrogen levels 

Cycle and Dosage 

When you are taking Testo E, the length of the cycle and dosage are two important things. Typically, the cycle can last anywhere between 12 to 16 weeks. You are going to find users who take a longer cycle but don’t copy everything that others do. If your cycle is between 1 to 14 weeks, then 500 mg per week would be enough. 

Once your cycle is complete, you will have to go on PCT. This would replace the natural production of hormones. It will help you recover from the cycle.